Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cute kids

I was putting pictures on the computer from my camera and had to laugh at all the cute things we've caught Natalie and Blake doing lately. Hope you enjoy!

Natalie lined up all these things with Blake and said, "Choo Choo. Choo Choo."

Natalie helping clean with her own water bottle. I was trying to get her to keep the water only on the windows but I wasn't very successful.

She put these on and clomped around the house. Daddy's shoes are a lot harder to walk in than Mommy's!

Her new thing has been to wear the cookie cutters on her arms like bracelets. She thought she'd see how they look on Blake's arms and legs too. He was pretty cooperative for awhile.

Our cute little guy. He's such a good baby... happy all the time and a pretty good sleeper already!

Brian wanted to see if Blake could fit in the high chair too. He can! :)

I figured out how to give them a bath at the same time. Anything to make life a little easier.

Helping Daddy study for the Department of the Army Competition. Although I'm sure he gets a lot more done when they're in bed! Brian leaves on Thursday to compete next week for "Warrior of the Year" at the highest level possible in the Army. Among other things he will do a PT test, day and night land navigation, qualification on the M4, a board appearance, a written test, and a day of warrior tasks and drills. It's an intense week-long competition but he has trained and studied so hard. I'm so proud of him. The Army should post pictures of the different events so I'll give you the link when we know it.

Can you believe I'm almost two months already??

Guess that's enough for now. Right now Natalie has marker all over her arms and legs--still learning about coloring only on paper. Oh well... it's washable. :)


Chris & Michelle said...

Thanks for the update -- it so great to see what you guys are up to and how the kids are growing!! :) Thanks for sharing! =) Love you guys!

Sarah said...

I love the boots pic! So cute. We are rooting for Brian next week. Hooah!

Vicki & Bruce said...

It's so fun getting to see a glimpse into your everyday life! The pictures are great. Seeing Brian with his children is very heartwarming! It's easy to see you enjoy your life as a mom! Looking forward to the update on Brian's competition!

Monica McCain said...

It was so good to see pictures of you and your beautiful family. Congrats on baby #2. We will be praying for Brian. God Bless.

Bethany said...

Blake looks like Brian!Even Natalie seems bigger since I was there.Life just gows so fast.

meg said...

jen and brian...you are one of the cutest families i've ever seen! and i know i may be prejudiced but i really mean it!! i can't believe how big natalie is looking and acting already...i love seeing the pictures...keep 'em coming!

Becky Holliday (Rabenseifner) said...

Hi Jen and Brian!!! I love your pictures! I haven't blogged much (actualy this is my first ever blog post). I'm glad I we can keep in touch this way. :) Becky

katherine_gration said...

Oh my gosh.. those kids are so adorable. I love those pictures of Natalie being weird!!! She's so cool.